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FoxDayCam Creator Shares His Foxy Secrets

Hometown: Owings Mills, Md.
Major: Economics and Spanish
Random fact: I play ukulele, but I have never almost died.

Why did you create the Fox- DayCam? Throughout my time at Rollins, I’ve been able to look out at the lawn and see the fox brought out so I wanted to share that with other people.

Did you need permission? No, I just kind of did it and hoped for the best.

How does FoxDayCam work? As far as this year, it was just an HD camera pointed out the window with streaming technology by Simple Thought Productions run by Rollins alum Josh Chesarek ’09HH. That stream was embedded into a website with exceptional graphics by Allie Osterloh ‘11. She does amazing, amazing stuff ; I was so happy to work with her. Last year it was just very simple and this year it was nicely designed. Also there was an iPhone app developed by John Norcrosse.

What will happen to FoxDay- Cam next year? I’ll be at Crummer and hopefully I’ll be advising a couple of X Club members who will be willing to do it.

What activities have you done at Rollins? I am a member of X Club, where I used to live in the Fox- DayCam room. Currently, I live in ROC (Rollins Outdoor Club). I used to DJ for WPRK and I was also an R-Journalist while I studied abroad.

What has been your favorite Rollins experience? Going abroad to Madrid and Sevilla to work on my Spanish. Participating and observing strikes and protests due to the downed economy while I was there was probably one of the highlights. Additionally, side trips, like a week in Morocco, rocked the kasbah!

What should every Rollins student do before graduating? They should find something they’re passionate about, find projects that they really like, and realize that there’s more than just caring about classes. Because, in the end, there’s more to the Rollins experience than the classes, even though they are important.

What are your future plans? As I mentioned, I’ll be going to Crummer next year. My main areas of focus at Crummer will probably be technology, entrepreneurship and marketing. I want to do technology start-ups, like FoxDayCam, but be more profi table.

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