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Fratello’s Prized Pizza Pie

Living proof of the saying that pies made by independent pizzerias often taste better than mainstream pizzas, Fratello’s Pizza uses quality homemade ingredients to produce delicious pizzas for a very equitable price. Beyond a wide array of pizzas, Fratello’s also has a large selection of entrees and sides to offer.

The crucial test for any pizzeria is its pepperoni pizza ( states that 36 percent of all pizza orders are pepperoni) and Fratello’s pepperoni pizza ranks among the most satisfying. The spices in the homemade sauce are never overwhelming, instead complementing the hot molten cheese. The aroma of the pepperoni is enticing. The homemade dough is so good that, even if  the cheese slid off the hot pizza, leaving only the bread, you would still be satisfied.

Fratello’s specializes in a variety of pizzas, including chicken pesto, steak and cheese, vegetarian, the “Heartstopper” (the equivalent of a meat-lovers pizza), and any combination of almost 30 types of toppings. In addition to pizza, Fratello’s offers other entrees, such as calzones, strombolis, flavored wings, salads, subs, gyros and even Black Angus hamburgers, with an equally vast selection of sides such as garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fries and tamales.

Gerald Schmidt, the owner of Fratello’s, takes pride in the work and service he and his employees have provided to his customers. He said Fratello’s uses fresh ingredients and the chicken wings are never pre-frozen, which is the key to their great taste; Fratello’s never settles for lower-quality ingredients in its food. The staff at Fratello’s is a friendly group that treats its customers with respect.

Unfortunately, Fratello’s is not particularly well-known among Rollins students. Members of the Gaming and Multimedia Enthusiasts club on campus, however, are fans, and consider Fratello’s “the official pizza for the GAME club.” Member Darian Tucker ‘12 said, “It’s definitely one of the better pizzas in the area, and the ingredients are all in high quality. Their garlic knots are the best I’ve ever had.”

The best offer for Rollins students is the “pickup special,” which entails an XL pizza and an order of garlic knots for $10.99. Although Fratello’s does not deliver to campus, picking up an order is no hard task; the drive from Rollins usually  takes about 15 minutes, and the order can be filled in roughly 25 minutes. A Fratello’s XL pizza is best eaten hot right after pickup. Individual slices are available and an 8” personal pizza is perfect for a quick lunch. With every order of pizza, customers get a card-sized magnet, 10 of which can be traded in for a free large 1-topping pizza.

Fratello’s is a definite must for anyone who resides in the Winter Park area and wants to spend under $12 on a pizza that can be shared among three to four people.