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Frosting in, Cake out

B Cupcakes, located on Fairbanks Avenue, provides convenient snacks for Rollins students. Rebecca Finer shares her opinion on the sugary treats.

“That is the best frosting I’ve ever had in my entire life!” exclaimed Hamilton Holt Student Alina Rodriguez as her eyes became misty with epicurean ecstasy. Rodriguez was referring to the bacon frosting that floats atop the cinnaB cupcake that is the crowned jewel of B Cupcakes.

We were sitting in class in the uncomfortable wooden chairs on the second floor of Orlando Hall when I opened up the box from B Cupcakes. Since the box had tipped over, they did not look as beautiful as they looked in the shop’s case but were spectacular nonetheless. The cupcakes have so much frosting you have no choice but to start with it.

The interior of B Cupcakes was pleasing to me in the short time that I was in the small building, just adjacent to the 7-Eleven off of Park Avenue and Fairbanks. I worry long term that it could become overwhelmingly feminine, especially to those who identify with the masculine gender.

Pricing, as with all “gourmet” cupcakeries, was a little absurd. Three dollars for a cupcake. I guess it is not the most overpriced thing near Park Avenue, but considering Publix’s prices on cupcakes, it is still a bit daunting. Luckily, Rollins students get ten percent off—saving me a whopping sixty cents on my two-cupcake order.

Back in class, I was hoping my classmate would enjoy one of the cupcakes with me, but as much as she enjoyed “the best frosting she ever had in her entire life,” she exerted significant self-control and stuck to just two tiny tastes of the cinnamon bacon frosting.

Beyond my excitement over cinnamon bacon frosting, it occurred to me to remove the icing, place it aside, and dig into the cake part of the cupcake. Bold move but not the best. While the bacon in the frosting added a savory element to the cupcake and prevented it from being too sweet, the cupcake itself was not quite so balanced. It would have been better as a miniature cupcake perhaps, but, in this case, it was too much of a good thing. Biting into the cake, I felt like I was going to get some kind of unwanted sugar high followed by the dreaded sugar crash.

Like the interior of B Cupcakes itself, I would say their wares are best enjoyed in small doses. Maybe that is for the best. As delicious as cupcakes are, they happen to be at the very top of the food pyramid and should be enjoyed sparingly. B Cupcakes would make an excellent party favor or little treat, but next time I will be on the look-out for the mini ones.

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