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Gourmet fries grace the Farmers Market

68892_508203812547755_1148928858_nThe smell of french fries and basil is the first sign that indicate TheFryBar is nearby. Located at the heart of Winter Park Farmer’s Market and across from a colorful flower stand, the popular venue can be spotted from afar because of its winding line of customers.

Besides the traditional kettle corn and lemonade that constantly lure the customers, the curious public can also enjoy the gourmet fries every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
TheFryBar is a popular choice among the diverse public of the market. The customers, ranging from Rollins students to older Winter Park residents, wait patiently in line to have a taste of the fries and their homemade sauces. They can choose between two flavors, and for six dollars they can get a portion of the striking looking fries. Served in a white box with shaved cheese and two sauces, the treat looks unlike any conventional fast-food chips.
Owner Michael Scivally said TheFryBar was originally conceived by his son Christopher, a chef in New Orleans who started TheFryBar after Katrina. “There weren’t many jobs, and he wanted something to do, so he started doing TheFryBar at different festivals and that sort of thing all over New Orleans,” Scivally said. After his son started the business, Scivally opened his own fries’ venue at the market, which has been active for the past four years.
Their signature fries—the rosemary, garlic, and parmesan fries—are served every Saturday and do very well with the customers. They frequently vary the flavors to make new combinations. Other toppings can also be added, such as eggs and bacon, for an additional dollar. “I make everything myself, and all the sauces and the toppings,” Scivally said. “We cook the bacon right there and then cut it to put on top of the fries. We crack the shells, cook the eggs right there, and put them on top.”
Scivally is assisted by his wife Vange, short for Evangeline, and his friend Keith Constantine. Scvially believes they still have room to grow with the small enterprise. “I’m trying to get my son to come here and we would really like to open a store front, but continue to do our market,” he said. Although the fries would be the signature dish, Scivally envisions his store with additional options.
TheFryBar is a favorite with Rollins students such as Alexandra Philco ’17. “My favorite food here is the gourmet fries. I love how they taste with the different spices and sauces,” Philco said. She ordered the Greek fries that were on the menu that day. “They are delicious again. The homemade ketchup has a tinge of spice that is delicious,” she said.
The problem is the line. “The long line is annoying but I’m patient,” said Philco. The rest of the customers seem to agree the wait is worth it.
The customers are also not the only ones who enjoy the experience. Scivally serves the fries with a smile. Excited about his business, he affirmed, “I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun.”
More information about TheFryBar can be found on their Facebook page, TheFryBarWP, or by phone at (407) 310-5453.

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