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Graduating Sandspur staff members say goodbye

Cameron Ochse

My final year at Rollins has been far from easy, and the consistent migraine that I have felt stems from the bombardment of questions like, “What are your plans after graduation?” or “Are you excited to leave?”

Honestly, I am leaving Rollins with mixed feelings. As I prepare for whatever else life may bring me, I know that the past four years have not been what I expected. I never could have imagined the fantastic friends I have made, the places I traveled, or the subjects I studied.

All of it racks through my brain as I realize with a low feeling in my stomach that all of these adventures are coming to an end.

While I am afraid of what my future presents, I know that Rollins has given me all it can offer, so it is time to move on. I am thankful to Rollins for all of these opportunities, and hopefully, I will be able to apply the experience I gained toward my future self.

Zoe Kim

When I first started working at The Sandspur, I was the typical, bright-eyed freshman who just wanted to get involved with the school, possibly while getting paid for it.

I admit that I did not really know what I was getting into other than the fact that I was applying to be a Page Designer. I might have led on that I had more InDesign experience than I actually did, so there was a fast learning curve. Thankfully, the staff was very understanding and patient with my incessant questions. Yes, the first few weeks were brutal, but I eventually learned. Fast forward three years, and here I am, writing as the current Head Designer.

This past year has been a wild ride, and it definitely has not been easy. There have been times when I wanted to tear my hair out, but when I see someone read the week’s paper or have someone actively want to contribute, it makes me proud. I am genuinely glad that I was a part of the process, and with the major changes in both design and content, I know that the publication will only improve from here.

This position has taught me so much, as a designer and as a leader. I learned how to compromise and be flexible. I learned to accept criticism more objectively, listening to opinions rather than just hearing them. Most of all, I learned the value of teamwork, especially when everyone actually works hard towards a common goal. I am certain that The Sandspur would not be what it is today without the leadership and guidance of the other members of the executive staff. I know that I do not say it often, but thank you.

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