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Greek Life jams out at Lip Sync

This year, eight sororities and fraternities gathered in the Alfond Gym to show off their best dance moves for Lip Sync. While some organizations take the event very seriously, others view the event as a fun time to dance in front of the entire Greek population of Rollins. The event also acts as a way for the SGA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to spread awareness for their campaigns.

The first sorority to dance was Kappa Delta, whose theme was the mannequin challenge. They danced to songs like “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé and “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith. One dancer carried around a giant, cut-out phone screen to make the dance appear that it was being viewed on social media.

This year’s Lip Sync champions, X-Club

Following KD was X-Club with their theme, “Space Jam.” The 1996 movie featuring the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan inspired the basketball theme that X-Club performed. Of course, “Get Your Head in the Game” from High School Musical was a featured song.

Alpha Omicron Pi followed X-Club with their theme of the seven deadly sins. With a large canvas covered in cloth behind the dancers, each dance revealed another sin. As the sins were revealed, the song would change to reflect the sin, such as “Gold Digger” by Kanye West for greed, or “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars for sloth.

After AOII’s performance, SGA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, Bidhit ‘20 (President) and Bibhas Pandey ‘20 (Vice President) spoke briefly about their campaign. The main issues they would seek to address would be revitalizing the neighborhood system, making it easier for students to obtain internships, and conducting more surveys to understand student interests.

Following the Pandey twins’ campaign, Chi Psi performed with the theme “Eight Ball.” Even SGA Vice-President, Deanna Loew, admitted she wasn’t sure what their theme referred to. There were eight dancers in the group, but that’s about the only hint received.

Alpha Delta Pi danced after Chi Psi, with the theme of “Diamonds.” Telling the story of wealth, ADPi danced, of course, to “Diamonds” and “B*tch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna.

Tau Kappa Epsilon danced next with a “Classics” theme that took the audience back through movie history. Lip syncing songs from iconic movies like “Footloose,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” and “Dirty Dancing.”

The campaign for Mariam Tabrez ‘18 (Vice President) and Lexi Tomkunas ‘18 (President) came after TKE’s dance. The SGA candidates discussed their experience at Rollins, both candidates having been members of SGA since their Rollins careers began. They spoke about their goals to create an interfaith space on campus, provide more off-campus meal plan options such as Chick-Fil-A, and hold more SGA forums and events to keep more Rollins students engaged.

Delta Zeta followed the campaign for Tabrez and Tomkunas with their circus-themed performance. With songs like “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez and “Circus” by Britney Spears, DZ took the audience on a whimsical adventure to the circus.

The last performance was held by Chi Omega with their 1980s throwback to fitness videos. The neon jumpers and high socks were a nod to the iconic style of fitness videos from the ‘80s and ‘90s. As is always expected in regards to this theme, the group danced to songs like “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John.

After the performances were finished and the judges had made their decisions, the audience waited eagerly to receive the results. The final tally placed Chi Omega in third place, Alpha Omicron Pi in second place, and X-Club in first place.

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