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The Grizzly Atoms Play the Peacock Room

I find it almost impossible to pass up free stuff, so naturally, I attended a free show this past Saturday at The Peacock Room that featured three local bands. Gracing the stage were The Grizzly Atoms, Zap Dragon, and Sloppy Mistress. The show doubled as a CD release for Sloppy Mistress, a name I’m suprised anyone would be willing to go by. I recently became acquainted with a few members from The Grizzly Atoms and Zap Dragon when they came by WPRK for “Nick Dizzle’s Monday Update” last Monday to talk about their upcoming show.

Nik of The Grizzly Atoms and David of Zap Dragon agreed on the air during our show to wear dresses Saturday, and I was very excited that they followed through on their promise. The dress promise situation arose from a simple escalation of a conversation about halloween costumes.  They even donned hosiery for the occasion. Before the Grizzly Atoms’ six song set, I spoke with Nik Sidella, Guitarist and singer for The Grizzly Atoms.

He described their sound as, “A mixture of blues, punk, and psychedelic.” He credits his biggest influences as Nirvana and The Pixies. Two of the three band members have been playing together since high school. They later moved to Orlando and met the bass player of The Grizzly Atoms, Terran Fernandez. Terran is currently a music major at Rollins College and, according to Nik, brings significant technical skill and music knowledge to the band.

“He’s really good at helping us to flesh out our ideas so that our music is the best it can be.” He said while sipping tea with honey in a thick air of cigarette smoke outside of The Peacock Room. The Grizzly Atoms are very passionate about their music and Sidella says one day he’d like to be able to live off of their music.

The Grizzly Atoms will be playing on October 4th for an FTP (an acronym that had to be explained to me) party to raise money to help pay off a speeding ticket that was accrued during their Florida tour this summer. The band hopes to tour again in the future and that sounds good to me. You can check out the Grizzly Atoms on their Facebook page.

On stage, The Grizzly Atoms had a passion for their music that was, dare I say it, inspiring. I’ve heard no one will believe in you until you believe in yourself, and it’s clear to me they believe. The dresses were a wonderful addition to the tunes. I’d see them on tour, even without dresses. Fun was had, good music listened to; it was an evening well spent.

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