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Guide to dining in Winter Park

Summertime at Rollins, like the rest of the year, is gorgeous. In addition to the beautiful campus and bountiful amenities, the Winter Park area offers many choices for eating and drinking. Below are a few suggestions for you to try.

Scratch: On the right side of Fairbanks Avenue between Park Avenue and New York Avenue, and also next to a place where you can paint your very own pottery, Scratch is a small restaurant that specializes in small dishes. Unfortunately this place might be a little out of the budget of the average students. The plates are small, but the prices are not. The noise level is up there, louder than I would expect for a place without a full bar. They do not do take-out. Bonus: they have a steak of the day and, unlike the rest of their food, it is massive.

Pita Pit and Firehouse Subs: Directly off of Fairbanks and Park Ave respectively; Pita Pit is on the left next to the college, and Firehouse Subs is one of the first restaurants you will see on Park Ave. Go to these spots if you are short on time and money.

Burger Fi: This burger joint is one of the first things you’ll see on Park Ave, basically on the corner right next to the jewelry store. Much closer to being within reasonable price range for the college student crowd, Burger-Fi offers a killer veggie burger and other variations on your classic hamburger. They also have desserts and giant orders of french fries.

Luma: Like many of the classy establishments on Park Ave, most of their offerings are far from what a college student might deem to be affordable.

Prato: Surprise! It is on Park Ave: on the right just past Morse Boulevard (also on the pricey end of the spectrum, but students, Rollins faculty, and everyone else swears by this place). The food is second to none, and even those on a budget have been known to feel it is worth it to splurge on a sumptuous meal here.

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