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Hitting New “Heights”

On Sept. 7, I attended my first real concert at Backbooth in downtown Orlando. Local bands opened and a childhood favorite, Hawthorne Heights, headlined. The talent definitely did not fall short. During the concert, music reverberated off the walls and the entire crowd bounced along to the beat. The sets were full of energy and amazing music, although some of the opening acts were a tad disappointing. While there were no official breaks between each set, the tech crews came on stage and quickly set up as the crowd awaited the next band. When the time came for Hawthorne Heights to begin their set, everyone cheered and got up from their seats to admire the band that they had grown up with.

I experienced a flashback of my childhood as the band walked onstage. As they greeted their fans and thanked everyone for attending, my smile stretched from ear to ear because I stood at the feet of my idols. Not only were the band members friendly toward their fans, they kept everyone upbeat, playing a mixture of their new music as well as their old.

Taking a trip down memory lane as everyone jumped along to the beat, we belted along to the lyrics and became a family, our love for the music keeping us together the entire show. After an amazing evening, I cannot wait to see Hawthorne Heights again. I want to express my sincere thanks to the band members for all of their hard work and I highly recommend checking out their new album, Hate.

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