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Honor Code Gets a Social Life

Everyone knows about Rollins’ Academic Honor Council; almost every professor requires his or her students to write out the Academic Honor Code on tests and papers prior to handing them in, and it is understood that if students violate the Code, they will appear before the Council.

Perhaps fewer students are aware that there is also a social honor council that dictates the Code of Conduct. According to Dr. William Boles, chair of the Student Life Committee, “The Code of Conduct defines the expected social behavior of students at Rollins.” If the Code is broken, the violator will be subjected to one of three types of hearings: one-on-one; student panel; or one faculty member, one staff member and one student. This process is almost identical to how the Academic Honor Council structures their hearings.

However, neither of these Councils are new organizations, and the Honor Code as well as the Code of Conduct are easily accessible to all. Still, to simplify things, there will soon be an overarching statement that will umbrella both systems, known as the Statement of Honor. The Statement will encompass all of Rollins’ values while uniting the two councils.

The question is: why did Rollins wait so long to create such a statement? As Boles explained, “Essentially, we realtraditionalized that we already have two strong means of addressing honor violations (academic and social) and we wanted to create a statement that represents what Rollins values.”

Unfortunately, the Statement of Honor is not yet ready for release. “While the Statement of Honor has been approved by the Student Life Committee, the Academic Honor Council and SGA, we are currently in the process of making some changes in regard to clarifications requested by the College lawyer, so it will once again be going back to all three groups to get their agreement,” affirmed Boles. Until the statement has been reapproved, it will not be revealed. Regardless of any new statement, the Academic Honor Code is posted in every classroom and the full Code of Community Standards can be found at

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