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The importance of scholarships

19104980593_3c3ef4d86f_oMerit and talent-based scholarships at Rollins College can range from $2,000 to full tuition, room, and board (valued at more than $58,760).

Rollins scholarships include the Dean’s Scholarship, the Alonzo Rollins Scholarship, Presidential Scholarships, Centennial Scholarships, and the Donald J. Cram Science Scholarships, among others. Fifty-eight percent of Rollins students currently have scholarships.
In addition, some students receive supplemental state and federally funded scholarships. There are also many other resources for scholarships available through specefic departments, as well as outside scholarships accessible.
“The great thing about Rollins scholarships is that they do not only emphasize academics but also a strong focus on how to give back to the community and provide service for others,” said Scott Novak, a senior and Alfond Scholar.
“I have seen many Rollins scholarship recipients use that opportunity to enter the world in ways they never could have without that scholarship.”
Upon acceptance to the college, all applicants are considered for various Rollins scholarships. Of the $22 million given to our students in scholarships, $5 million comes directly from donors.
On Wednesday, February 19, student scholars were able to meet some of the donors that make their education at Rollins College possible. The event was held in Galloway Room, in Mills Memorial Hall.
“Rollins wouldn’t be Rollins without the scholarships that enable our students to attend,” said President Grant Cornwell.
“Every great college has a foundation of philanthropy, and Rollins is no exception. It’s our donors that make our mission possible.”
Rollins’ “foundation of philanthropy” has empowered alumni and current students to become innovative and comprehensive leaders all over the world. Rollins has an extensive alumni network.
At the reception, Bonny Fisher-Pruit, a senior Holt student, described how her scholarship has given her the opportunity to complete her “40-year plan” after various impediments—years of working as a retailer and in restaurants and starting a family—had disrupted her plans to obtain a degree.
Not only do scholarships provide the means and tools for success; they also give students self-confidence to achieve their visions.
Courtney Banker ‘16, also an Alfond Scholar, was chosen to represent her peers at the Celebration of Scholarships Reception as the host of the event.
“By being recipients of scholarships or endowed positions, you have been acknowledged as someone who is worth it. You are worth it. Remember this, during times of immense challenge, discomfort, and failure, that others know you will ultimately bring good to the world,” Banker said during her opening speech.
The same philosophy can apply to all members of the Rollins student body – whether they serve in faculty or student positions.
As Banker continued, “There is no better gift than one that is a testament to your value and an investment in your abilities. You have been afforded one of the most sought-after things in the world: an education. Indeed, this education is more than special; it is a phenomenal opportunity, a privilege, and the most hopeful, peaceful, and powerful weapon we have.”

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