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Java Joints: Sleeping Moon Cafe

A 15-minute bike ride or six-minute car ride down Aloma Avenue can find you at Sleeping Moon Café, located behind the Aveda Institute. A large square room with matching pub tables and chairs and a few couches, too, the ambiance is a little more sophisticated than Austin’s holein-
the-wall casual atmosphere, but Sleeping Moon still offers a stage for open mic nights, walls of large, colorful local artwork, a variety of drink and sustenance options (including vegetarian and vegan), and a sideboard full of games that, for the most part, are complete with all their pieces.

It is very much the second date kind of place you’ve been looking for! Not super crowded with Rollins students, here you can get away from it all and still be conveniently close to a gas station, a CVS pharmacy and a salon — four birds with one stone.

Kosher Loescher and E Claire enter the scene.

“I don’t respect cranberries,” KL tells Remy, the charming French barista.

“What do you have against cranberries?” E asks KL.

“They’re just grapes with an attitude!” KL replies.

The dynamic duo sits at a pub table to play UNO while they wait for their freshly assembled sandwiches to arrive.

On her return from the water closet, E comments, “It was a like swimming in a sea of Pepto-Bismol, but a very nice, clean and spacious sea of Pepto- Bismol.”

“Like this bompin’ music,” KL retorts sarcastically.

“Yes, this music is less than stellar and on the loud end of the volume scale.” E describes the all mechanical-sounding, techno-esque instrumentals.

“It sounds like a beat box in a blender,” KL aptly describes. “My feet are feeling a little confined in these shoes.”

“So what, exactly, are you nommin’ on over there?” KL asks E (in a rather judgmental tone).

“It’s a turkey and avacado sandwich, and it goes along perfectly with my jasmine and lavender Italian soda,” E replies defensively.

“Can I try your Italian soda to wash down my cranberry free turkey club?” KL asks E.

“Sigh … I guess so … even if you don’t respect cranberries,” replies E.

“Honestly, I’m not digging this foamy ginger snap milk,” says KL with a grimace.

“Yea, I’m not digging the shoe policy here, or the no dog policy for that matter,” E

“Well, on that note. Let’s blow this java joint,” KL replies simply.

“Then bounce we shall!” E.


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