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Letter From the Editor

Dear readers,

It is a new year and a new semester. It is a time to learn from the past but not let it completely overshadow your budding future. Keeping with this theme, the staff of the Sandspur and myself would like to personally thank all the students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents who participated in last semester’s survey. We learned a lot from your thoughtful responses and are working towards incorporating many of your suggestions into the paper this semester.

The staff is now working to cover more campus news and is still encouraging all Rollins clubs and organizations to reach out in order to have their events and initiatives featured in the college’s newspaper. A simple email to is all it takes to have your thoughts, events, or opinions in the running to be published in the weekly Sandspur.

Seeing the need for our college’s publication to expand into even more aspects of media, we are also proud to announce the official introduction of our new video department. The department hopes to expand upon stories in the Sandspur with video interviews, live reporting, and opinions from Rollins students in order to create an even more encompassing news experience. These videos will be posted on both our website,, as well as our Facebook page.
We are more than excited to be stepping into 2014 with a more refined outlook on what our college wishes to see in its paper, as well as a new and quickly developing video department highly motivated towards making the Sandspur that much more dynamic in the stories we cover and how we cover them. I wish you an amazing semester and look forward to possibly seeing you at our open meetings every Monday at 6 and submitting articles or article ideas through our email address. Now, when is Fox Day?

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