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Letter from the Editor

Welcome Class of 2022. As you step onto campus, you will be bombarded by a wide range of information. It can be overwhelming sometimes; I can attest to this. At times, you may feel alone, but I am here to tell you that you are not, and joining our team at The Sandspur may be the first step in finding your role at Rollins.

Our campus is filled with proactive, innovate students dedicated to service and global change-making. The Sandspur is where those students most inspired to communicate change come together. If media is your career choice or a curiosity, our doors are open to all interested—video, advertising, writing or design.

Journalism is more important now than ever—and no, it is not dying. Our campus and its larger community rely on journalists to tell stories and find the truth. Moreover, we have a niche platform that allows Rollins students to tell their own stories.

Time and time again, students fail to express genuine concerns, implement ideas, or tell their side of a story. Think about what legacy you want to leave at Rollins. Do you want to be the person who turned a blind eye to an obvious campus issue, or one who refused to remain silent and inspired a wave of change?

Here at The Sandspur, it is our mission to give the student body a voice—to make sure every student is heard loud and clear. By inspiring conversation on local and global issues, The Sandspur is here for you. We are your outlet, so take advantage of it. Join our team. Discover the truth, and allow others to learn from it. Being a campus leader starts here.


Ellie Rushing


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