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Letter from the Editors

Rollins, welcome to the dawn of a new era of The Sandspur. You may think you know everything there is to know about The Sandspur, but we’re here to tell you, you’re wrong. As your news provider we’re here to firstly say, welcome back. We’re happy to have you as readers, fans, haters or basically whatever label you choose to subscribe to.

Last semester The ‘Spur team went out and did focus groups with various classes in order to make The Sandspur more accessible to readers. What we found is that The ‘Spur is your voice. Yes, you! Whether you write or not, The Sandspur is the Rollins paper and you are Rollins.

Before you throw down this paper in a fit of rage insisting that we cannot be the voice of an entire student body, stop and consider what this could mean. The Sandspur has the potential to promote your major, your organization, your habits, or even your own writing genius if you feel so inclined.
So now you’re probably thinking, okay cool, you’ve used all this flowery language to entice me into reading this article, but can you give me something concrete to wrap my head around? We’d love to!

World news was a major topic brought up in the focus groups. Some said that world news wasn’t important. It didn’t apply to Rollins; why should we care? While others said that world news is vital to the production of a legitimate paper. So what are we going to do? World news that ties into Rollins. Going forward we promise to find a way to deliver your world news in a way that is important and meaningful to Rollins students.

Not impressed? Keep reading! For the lighter reader who turns to The Sandspur for entertainment purposes, we have created two new features: Just Sayin’ and Overheard. Just Sayin’ allows students to send in thoughts that, positive or negative, leave them with the thought… “Just sayin’.” Overheard is a new section of the paper that includes blurbs of what students have overheard around campus that sound completely comical out of context. Examples of both of these are provided in this very issue!

As always, we will continue to cover sports, arts and entertainment, life and times and the ever-popular opinions of students on campus. However, we are more dedicated than ever now to providing both sides of arguments in order to assure you an unbiased newspaper.

Another new aspect of the paper this year is that we will be publishing fortnightly (you know, once every two weeks). We know you will feel lost and confused during those weeks we don’t print, but never fear, The ‘Spur has you covered. Although it’s currently undergoing renovation, if you haven’t made yourself familiar with our website (www.thesandspur. org), you should do so because that is where you’ll find breaking news that occurs outside our biweekly printing schedule.

The website isn’t enough for you? Need more Sandspur online? Check us out on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Just to sweeten the deal, adding us on any of these sites will enter you into a drawing for a Gurtzberry frozen yogurt gift card.

If we haven’t sold you on the new era of The ‘Spur then I guess all we can do is implore you to turn the page and delve into what is sure to be one of the best years The Sandspur has seen.

Here’s to the new year,

Jennifer Stull
Editor-in Chief

Shannon Lynch
Managing Editor

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