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Letter from the production manager to the class of 2019

When my RCC first met during orientation, my brilliant professor spewed out wisdom with a simple statement that has stuck with me for the past four years: “You either lose yourself or find yourself in college.”

My hope is that the latter part of this sentiment rings true for the Class of 2019 during your time at Rollins.

As a freshman, the timeline between orientation and the first day of classes zoomed by like a haze for me. As a senior, I cannot tell you the specifics, but I remember those words and can describe my feelings vividly.

My melting pot of emotions ranged from excited to overwhelmed, nervous to eager, and energetic to exhausted. There was a fire burning inside me to make instant friends, to finally decide on a major, and to immediately find my place at this home away from home.

“Find your anchor” is the mantra here at Rollins, and getting involved is the best advice I can give you—but remember that adjusting to campus takes time as well.

There will be times when you feel lost or homesick. There will be times when you feel stressed or impatient. However, similar to any milestone in life, you will feel challenged and accomplished in equal measures.

I consider myself fortunate to have found my anchor at Rollins and my chosen family with The Sandspur.

Whether you join student media, greek life, or a service club this year, the most important thing is to expose yourself to as many opportunities as you can.

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