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Letters from the Editors to the Class of 2017

New Rollins student,

At last, you have made it to college. You have said your good-byes to your parents, traded skype addresses with your friends, and have perhaps even bid au du to your high school sweet heart. In a nutshell, you are in for some big changes.

I would be lying if I claimed that each and every moment of freshman year is going to be chocked full of excitement and bliss; in reality a lot of it is going to be pretty rough. You will probably get locked out of your dorm room, at least twice, without your phone. It is also likely you will end up taking care of a drunk stranger in the bathroom late on a Saturday night. Getting called on in class to answer a question about the reading you forgot to do is also a common First Year occurrence. Just roll with the punches, though, because by the time sophomore year rolls around, you can sit back and call yourself a seasoned Rollins professional.

The next few weeks will steadfastly become a blur of new faces, memorable experiences and a ton of time consuming homework assignments.
Once the awkward introduction games have ceased and your class schedule becomes second nature, can you finally begin to relax and truly call yourself a college student. Freshman year will fly by, so do yourself a favor and don’t sweat the small stuff. PS. Get to know your professors, they have amazing things to say and want to see you succeed.

Jamie Pizzi

Dear Incoming Freshmen (I mean First Years),

Welcome to Rollins College, also known as Rolly Colly, Rollins Country Club, and your new home for the next four years. After browsing College Prowler, perhaps noticing our high ranking on the latest “Most Beautiful Schools” list, and chatting with fellow First Years on the Class of 2017 Facebook group, you’re here! By now you have an idea of what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Rollins is everything you’ve read, but it’s also more: it’s a surprisingly diverse community, it’s a beautiful campus full of beautiful people (not just looks, of course), and you’re going to learn a lot. You’ll do just as much of it outside of the classroom as inside. You’ll leave in four years with stories, friends, and a solid academic foundation.

But let’s not talk about graduation, let’s talk about you, right now. My advice? Relax. Try new things. You’ve made it, and it’s only getting better from here.

Mary Catherine Pflung
Production Manager


Hello newbies,

You made it! You have finally reached that amazing milestone that is your first step to that elusive concept: adulthood.

You spent all summer stalking the gorgeous pictures of your future home.

And now you are finally here! MOVE-IN DAY.

You finally realized you might have packed too much when you live on the fifth floor and the elevator line is two hours long.

Once the main exhaustion is over, the rest of the weekend will be a blur of excitement until you crash Sunday night, trying to ignore the fact that you have an 8 a.m. class the next day.

But, until that exhaustion hits, you will sit through a million and a half “fun” ice breakers. And then even more activities disguised as bonding events that are really just large-scale ice breakers.

But you’ll get through this weekend, I promise. And when you do, suddenly everything begins.

There will be good days.

And there will be bad days.

But it will be over before you know it.

And, overall, it will be a hell of a four years.

[No gif can encompass the awesomeness of your next four years.]

College doesn’t have to be a cliche. It isn’t the best four years of your life or the worst four years. It isn’t endless parties, and it isn’t all-nighters in the library. Freshmen year doesn’t equal perfect bliss nor does it equal eternal pain. Some days there is a perfect blue sky, some days it rains, and some days it pours (though it’s a safe bet it won’t snow at Rollins). You may start out knowing exactly what you want to do and never change your mind, or you may start out with a plan and throw it all away by day two. Or you may start out with no plan at all and find that you stumble across some amazing things along the way.

One thing is certain: you’ve got this. Now, go do some great stuff. Change the world; invent microwave popcorn; make it snow in Florida. And when you see the slightly-crazed girl with a camera taking pictures everywhere all the time, make sure to tap me on the shoulder and say hi.

Good luck,

Annamarie Carlson
Managing Editor

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