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Letters from the Seniors

I just finished looking over the pages of my last issue as Editor-in-Chief, and I feel surprisingly unemotional about it. Ambivalent, sure, but not the sadness I’d expected. Maybe it’s because I’ve barely slept this week, in this last concerted effort to write my papers and ace my finals. As a senior, I have only a set amount of days left on this campus, but it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve learned more than I can explain in my time here: not only in my classes, but as I moved up the ranks here at The Sandspur.

More often than not, this newspaper consumed my life – swallowed it whole.

And although it hasn’t quite hit me yet that my time here is done, I can finally say, without reservation, that I enjoyed every second of it. Over the past four years, I think I might have spent more time in this newspaper office than anywhere else, on or off campus. It wasn’t what I expected, to say the least, but now I can’t imagine my college experience without working for the paper.

I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished this year, and even more proud of the staff that has consistently put out a great publication each week. I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who has taught me, and everyone I’ve been able to teach.

Having a voice in our community was meaningful beyond measure.

Hana Saker


Years after I graduate, frame my diploma, and burn my (biodegradable) cap and gown, my memories of Rollins College will be synonymous with my time on the staff of The Sandspur. Being a part of this organization was, without a doubt, the highlight of my college career.

It was here where I found out what I was really passionate about and learned invaluable life and work skills that I could not have gained anywhere else. I got to work with students that were driven and motivated to produce a quality product that we could be proud to call our own. Our small staff and hidden office became a home away from home for me throughout my four years.

If I could offer any advice to current or incoming students, I’d tell them to find a niche on this campus like I did and make the most out of that experience. Looking back on my Sandspur years, I feel a true sense of accomplishment and pride in the hard work and commitment I put into it. I’m grateful for everyone who was a part of this experience and wish next year’s staff the best of luck; I know they’ll do me proud.

Melanie Weitzner
Production Manager

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