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Library finds new director

After a long and careful deliberation, Rollins announced Deborah Prosser as the new Director of Olin Library. She will be coming to Rollins from the University of North Georgia on June 1.

During the hiring process, Prosser spent weeks interviewing with everyone involved at Rollins, ranging from students, to professors, faculty, and President Cornwell himself. Many of the interviews were held over telephone or video conferences. 

Prosser said, “The thoroughness of the interview and selection process indicates the importance the Rollins community places on the library. I enjoyed the process immensely.”

She also had a two-day visit to campus where she had most of her interactions with the students and faculty. “It is clear that Rollins is a collegial environment where people enjoy working.  I absolutely love that the students call the library ‘Club Olin.’ It shows how much they value it and that it is their space,” she said.

Prosser was attracted to Rollins because of its reputation for innovation and commitment to its students. She believes the library is an important part of both of those qualities. “It therefore is an incredibly attractive prospect to lead the library [of a] stellar institution such as Rollins College.”

When she arrives in June, Prosser first wants to build relationships with her peers and learn about what the campus has and its needs.

Her primary focus, above all else, is making the library an environment where students can thrive and find their full potential. She will need the help of the library department and the feedback of students to accomplish that.

“I consider it critically important to receive specific feedback from students and faculty as to how library collections, programs and services can best support their work,” said Prosser. “I look forward to many productive discussions at Rollins as we move into the future.”

Prosser would like everyone at Rollins to know that her door is always open, and she would love to meet the students and faculty that she will be working with throughout her time on campus.

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