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Live action Cinderella exceeds expectations

Disney_LogoWalt Disney Pictures is, quite simply, a cash cow. Not only do they have their Animation Studio films and a partnership with Pixar, they also control two of the biggest franchises in cinema: Marvel and Star Wars. On top of it all, they have slated a series of live action movies. These films are adaptations of a few of Disney’s classic animated films. Following Maleficent last summer, and Cinderella this month, Disney is planning on live-action versions of Beauty and The Beast, Dumbo, and The Jungle Book

While I loved Maleficent, I was skeptical of Cinderella. What is the point of remaking it in live action if the story has already been told? She goes to the ball, she loses her slipper, the prince finds her, and happily ever after.

Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella, however, is full of color and joy. It takes the story you know so well and adds another level of depth. Cinderella is more than just a pretty girl who talks to mice; she is now full of kindness and courage. The villainous stepmother is no longer a one-dimensional antagonist, but a woman who was dealt a poor hand in life and reacts in a bitter and cruel way. The prince is not just a handsome monarch anymore; he is a young and brave man, still finding his place in the world.

Truthfully, it is a great movie for a new generation of children. Cinderella is an actual role model here. I would say that this movie stands apart from the cartoon. I was pleasantly surprised by Cinderella. I recommend it if you are interested in a simple, joyful story of whimsy and color.

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