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Magfest welcomes funk band Motet


Few bands are able to embody funk the way the Motet does. One of the most versatile bands in the circuit, the Motet pushes the limits of experimental instrumental dance music while infusing a classic retro vibe. Over the last year, the band played at some of the most prominent venues in the country, such as the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, and Red Rocks (one night with Lettuce and two nights with Big Gigantic). Lead singer Jans Ingber recently shared his thoughts on the band’s recent accomplishments, the Colorado music scene, and his excitement for MagFest.

Ingber explained that this past summer has actually been their “biggest of best season ever.” The Motet has performed twice as the Big Gigantic Live band, at Summer Camp and Electric Forrest. The success of those shows fostered the idea for their Red Rocks set; in fact, the Big Gigantic Live Band performances were two of the biggest performances in which the Motet has been involved. Ingber explained that Dominic Lalli, saxophone player from Big Gigantic, is a former member of the Motet and has always maintained his strong roots with the band, which is why this all felt like a very natural progression.

One aspect that has allowed the Motet to really blossom as a band is the growing music culture in Colorado. “It is a really a hot area out [there],” Ingber said.

The plethora of talented musicians in the area enables fantastic collaborations, which have cultivated the development of the band’s sound. He compared Colorado’s growing scene to the music scene in Brooklyn, explaining that with so many talented musicians moving there, it has become a very close-knit network of artists who work together. This growing network has enabled Ingber and other members of the band to perform with numerous musicians.

Furthermore, the opportunities for side projects has also allowed each band member to grow as an individual musician. With so many talented musicians in the area, Ingber explained, there is always the possibility for a monumental sit-in at virtually any show in Colorado. Finally, the sheer amount of quality venues is almost overwhelming and as long as the venues are there, the bands will keep booking shows.

Although not in Colorado, Ingber mentioned that Suwannee Music Park is always one of the band’s favorite places to play while touring. “We put it on our radar and tell our management and our booking agent that we want to be there at least once per year because it is just such a gorgeous spot. I mean, it is a really incredible place,” Ingber said. “Not only is it in beautiful Florida, but there are festivals there all year round, and as a musician, they really let you have the run of the place.”

Regarding MagFest, Ingber explained that “we have always been big supporters of Bear Creek, and we were actually on the Bear Creek lineup when it was canceled, which was a huge bummer. Luckily, as soon as our agent heard the unfortunate news, he went ahead and booked us for MagFest. This will actually be our first MagFest, so we are so excited to be a part of it.”

Ingber also said he is excited to see the other acts at MagFest from a fan’s perspective. “Tedeschi Trucks band is really one of the best in the business in so many ways, and Derek [Trucks] is one of my very favorite guitarists ever. . . As far as putting real emotion into the electric guitar goes, I don’t think anyone out there has what Derek has.”

MagnoliaFest will be Oct. 15 to 18.

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