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From milk tea to macarons: Quickly

Big, quirky paintings of the Chinese zodiac signs adorably escaping from a cup of boba, along with awesome bubble tea and delicious macarons, can be found at Quickly Boba & Snow.

Only 15 minutes away from campus, Quickly offers 33 flavors of milk tea, from coffee to honeydew, along with a variety of milk and fruit slush flavors on their menu. They offer an assortment of Asian snacks and desserts including dumplings, Mochi waffles, and macarons, among other things.

The restaurant itself strikes a balance between bizarre and kawaii—the extensive, colorful mural on the wall sets the tone, but the details, like the cute faces on the trashcans and the cool hanging lights complete the atmosphere. The macaron display takes up one side of the long counter displaying the available varieties. In addition to the stylish set-up, the employees were very friendly and familiar with the menu, offering recommendations that I loved.

On this particular visit to Quickly, they had run out of some of the macarons and a few of the more popular items on the snack menu by the time that I arrived. They were, however, offering a special—buy one milk tea on a list of flavors and get one of the same size free—so I still managed to order more than I could dream of finishing.

We had four small teas for my party of two: jasmine, lychee, earl grey, and coffee, all with boba. The coffee milk tea with regular-sized boba stood out as my favorite of the four; it was just sweet enough and the coffee flavor was not too strong. The jasmine milk tea was also wonderful, gaining the whole-hearted approval of my table’s tea expert. We also settled on two macaron flavors, Chai tea and Nutella, both of which came out chilled and delicious.

Quickly Boba & Snow is a great place to relax after your last class, though if you plan on stopping by to grab a sweet treat at the end of the day, I recommend getting there earlier in the evening since they tend to run out of certain items later on. That is no big complaint though, because the knowledgeable employees can always point you toward another excellent option.

The next time you are craving boba, check out Quickly Boba & Snow, located at 3214 East Colonial Drive and open every day from noon to 11:00 p.m.

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