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New Clean Name, Same Attire

Themed parties with rhyming names are cute, right? They exemplify the college experience and are certainly never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Roxy Nightclub’s “CEOs and Office Assistants” party that took place on Sept. 11, though, did not always tote such a mild name. Its original flier was sent out with the catchy title, “CEOs and Office Hos,” but was promptly changed to the more politically correct version which we saw this weekend.

Even in the liberal, 21stcentury society we live in today, some people still feel as though derogatory terms such as “ho” are detrimental to females’ well-being. There are two ways to look at unfortunate words like this: you can be offended that those terms are still being used or take it with a grain of salt.

Taylor Cole ‘14 stated, “It worries me that people still have to tiptoe around things like that at all. It shows that society may not be evolving for a greater social good.

The word ho is not offensive to me and shouldn’t offend any other girls either. We are better than that and know better than that.”

The change of name did not, in fact, alter the attire chosen by the girls attending the event. The most common dress was a tight, black, high-waisted pencil skirt and white button up shirt tied “Oops I Did it Again” style. Some girls even dared to try the more risqué look of an oversized men’s colored shirt worn as a dress, cinched around the waist with a tie.

“Anytime you go to a club, girls are required to look like a bit sexy, just because they change the name doesn’t mean I am going to think twice about not dressing scandalously. I do not even care what the name of the party is; I am just going there to have a good time,” said Amanda Woodson ‘14.

The name change certainly did not inhibit Roxy’s attendance that night. According to students, lines were longer than usual and the club was especially packed. All in all, Rollins girls took the high road on this one and decided to come out and have an amazing time anyway.

“It was so much fun getting dressed up for a theme, I wish Roxy’s would have themed nights more often,” said Rachel Bogdan ‘14.

Whether or not you chose to hike up your pencil skirt or tie up your blouse last Saturday, girls all over can be assured that just because you want to dress a little hot for the club once in a while does not make you a ho.

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