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Parting Words from the Seniors

Nick, Editor-in-Chief

I have been on the editorial staff of The Sandspur for four years, since my first semester at Rollins, when I arrived knowing nothing of newspaper production or journalism, but got a campus-wide email and came in to express my interest. I’m immensely proud to say that in that time, during which I have written, photographed, edited, designed, delivered and managed The Sandspur, it has experienced a great resurgence through the hard work of many staff members. When I arrived at Rollins, no one knew what The Sandspur was. It is now a significant and well-known entity on campus, and the voice for Rollins’ student body. For me personally, it has been a home and the biggest reason I remained at this college. I’ve received life experience, job experience, and learned more from working on The Sandspur than I have in any class during my time here. It is a bittersweet moment for me to say goodbye to something that has been such an enormous part of my life, and it is my sincere hope that the newspaper continues to grow and thrive and that ever more students discover the passion that I have for it and find a family at The Sandspur.

Greg, Managing Editor

I’ve been here for three years, and for that entire time, The Sandspur has been a home to me. The office is a place where I’ve worked, danced, sung, slept and made newspapers. Yes, I listed “worked” and “made newspapers” separately. They didn’t always feel like the same thing; being around the staff I’ve had the pleasure to know has been an immeasurable experience. We have collectively designed, edited, photographed, excised the contents of a frozen-shut refrigerator, hated Comic Sans and, again, made newspapers. Many newspapers. I would encourage everyone to get involved in this organization that has many openings and is more than happy to welcome new voices. We want to help create something of which the Rollins community can be proud. And while my friends have done an extraordinary job producing it while struggling for outside contributions, my hope is that everyone reading this knows that they have the opportunity through The Sandspur to share with its readers their thoughts, fears and humanity.

Louisa, News Editor

I would like to take a moment to say goodbye to the newspaper, thank everyone in the office for making long nights of laying out the paper fun and for having such a passion for the product we spend hours producing every week. I’ve worked here for the past year and leave now with great friends and fond memories. Those memories vary from late night trips to the C-Store, to Greg breaking the couch, to arguing for half an hour about whether to capitalize the “J” in Japan for accuracy or to keep it lower case for aesthetics. I will remember most the dedication each person gave to their articles, their edits or their designs. It’s that internalized commitment that taught me how to hold myself to a higher standard on a daily basis, and I will always thank The Sandspur for that lesson. I am honored to have provided the news to my campus over the past year and I hope that you all continue to support your college newspaper.

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