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Pink Heels and Strength

Breast Cancer affects millions of women each day. I encourage anyone who has had breast cancer or any form of cancer to keep hope. You are the strongest women I know!

We stand Tall

We are Warriors

Our breasts don’t define us

They just enhance us

More than our curls

More than our hair

Pretty in pink is a part of our everyday wear

Fierce we are

Walking with pride in our pink heels

We got style

Survivors we are

Chosen to have this disease but we take no ownership

At times feeling so alone but we are strong

Here for a reason

Got screened to be around for all seasons

Living for today not yesterday

Diagnosis is not the end

Although chemo has just begin

So run this race and take more strides because cancer is not our name

We know who we are deep inside

Keep the pink ribbons floating high in the sky

And don’t forget to live, love and laugh a little on the outside

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