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Quality Café with Creativity

When Anthropologie meets Urban Outfitters décor and hand-blended teas, this artsy café offers quality service paired with a unique hippie-chic vibe.

Infusion Tea is not your typical café, and it is not your generic Starbucks-style coffeehouse. It’s a unique, down-to-earth café that offers a simple vegan/vegetarian fare that’s all about the tea.

My first impression of the business was the unique décor and atmosphere. The atmosphere is very laid back with a hippie-chic vibe. I felt relaxed as soon as I walked in the doors. The décor is cute and a little girly. It struck me as a combination of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters–very casual and artsy with a dash of hipster. When you walk into the café, you see an entire wall covered with tea products, located behind the order counter. The back section of the store hosts a charming little shop of sorts, filled with craft goods and a variety of local artwork and jewelry. I doubt that many men would venture into this part of Infusion Tea unless they were shopping for a gift. Although it was appealing to me, I think it would deter some male customers from dining here, which is a downside. Tables are scattered all over the café with two couches near the back; so, there is no shortage of seating, at least in the early afternoon.

The food selection was simple, but it was creative and everything looked delicious, which made making a decision much more difficult. I ordered the tempeh chili and a hummus-veggie wrap. I’m not a vegan, but I can say that everything tasted authentic, healthy, and high-quality. Apparently Infusion Tea is infamous for the tempeh chili, so if you go there for food, I definitely recommend that you order it. It’s refreshing that this is a place you can order legitimately, healthy food that also tastes great. The food menu also offers a unique sharing platter and afternoon tea (serves two): a pot of tea accompanied by a three-tier tray of tea sandwiches, cookies, scones, and pastries. The pricing is reasonable, but I noticed that there is a premium for almost every substitution or add-on.  It’s not a massive turn-off, but for those on a budget, it might be a nuisance.

The best part of Infusion Tea is, naturally, the tea selection. Whether you prefer green, black, white, herbal, or oolong, there will be something on the menu to fit your tastes. You can choose from an extensive tea selection with over fifty varieties of tea. There is also a selection of ten signature blends that are Infusion Tea’s own custom, hand-blended teas. I settled on a cup of White Raspberry Truffle (white tea), which was amazing. For those who aren’t a fan of hot tea or just crave a cold drink, try the Iced Tea of the Day (there are complimentary refills). If you plan on having more than one cup, the tea can get a little pricey; it’s $3.10 for a mug. Unfortunately, there is a $1 premium per cup, $2 per pot for rare tea, but for gourmet tea that seems to be fair. The creative menu is definitely worth splurging on, especially if you’re a big fan of high-quality tea.

Don’t let the feminine atmosphere or pricing deter you from checking out Infusion Tea. Not only are the food and tea selections superb, the service was also top notch. The employees were surprisingly helpful and friendly–I had some trouble deciding on what tea to get, and they were patient while waiting to take my order.

Although it’s about three miles from Rollins, I could definitely see myself coming to study here when I need a break from the library or just to hang out and have a cup of delicious tea. It’s not very noisy in the café, making it a practical location for a casual business meeting, an afternoon date, or simply to read a book. If you needed any more reason to stop by, there is free and fast Wi-Fi available, but I did not see any obvious outlets (make sure your electronics are charged). Despite minor shortcomings, the selection of food, a wide range of gourmet teas, a relaxing atmosphere, and friendly service makes Infusion Tea an all-around, quality café.


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  1. Recently discovered this place after getting a Groupon for the Afternoon Tea… and I’ve already been back two times following that initial visit.

    It’s very chill with a definite artsy vibe… without being too pretentiously hipster, which was a highlight for my boyfriend. Oh, and he really wanted to return, so don’t think the feminine gift/art shop is too much of a turn off for guys.

    If you go with a friend and can decide on a pot or pitcher, that’s probably the best bang for your buck on the tea side. We had four people share a pot of one tea and a pitcher of another when I last visited Infusion and we each got a full glass/mug of each. (Compare $6 base price per pot or pitcher of 4 cups to Hannah’s $3.10 cuppa.)

    The service is wonderful as Hannah notes. Each visit the staff has been friendly and helpful; we too got some tea decision help after narrowing it down to a few top choices. On our Groupon visit, we went not long before close and forgot that part of the deal was a gelato (which, yum, btw), but the girl from the counter came over and politely asked us to come see which flavor we wanted a scoop of before she started shutting down that area.

    Plus, tea sandwiches! Of course there’s the Classic Cucumber (and cream cheese) variety, but for a slightly more exotic flavor, try the Sundried Special or Herbed Cream Cheese.

    So, yes, check this place out.

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