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Rollins Lacrosse rises to the top of national polls

Men’s Team Is Second In The Nation, Women’s Team Is Seventh. 

Both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams challenged their opponents for an undefeated start to the year, showing great promise for the rest of the season. The women’s team has played six games, winning each in double-digits. The men’s team has played 2 games, winning each by at least 7 goals. Women’s team members Caroline Gastonguay and Anya Studebaker and men’s team members Shahé Katchadurian and Mikey Berkman each won Sunshine State Conference players of the week (Feb. 12). /24).  

Sam Fulton (‘24), a player turned coach, states that “every team has stars but in my opinion what really separates us is how we have a bunch of guys who are willing to do the jobs no one else wants to do in order to bring success to our team. I could not be prouder to be a member of Rollins lacrosse solely due to the men in the locker room and the coaching staff.” One of their pregame rituals include “hosting a dinner with their bosun groups which is essentially a mini family on the team.” This helps boost the chemistry on the team and gets us excited to play the next day.  

Emily Cumberland (‘25), a player and coaching staff member, states that “the most rewarding aspect of being a part of this team is seeing all of our hard work pay off on and off the field. Getting rewarded with a win is the best part! We all work hard each day and when we see our results pay off, it feels great! Our repeat after me chant and scream circle is one of our pregame rituals that really gets the team excited and ready for the game. We also have each player have their own personal goal song which is really fun. It makes scoring a goal even more fun!”  

Over the past few years, Rollins College lacrosse programs have steadily climbed up the ladder in the Sunshine State Conference. The Rollins lacrosse teams have worked hard to reach their goal of winning a national championship. Last year, the men ranked sixth in the nation, and the women ranked eighth, making their first appearance in the NCAA tournament. As the season continues, both teams are looking forward to seeing their fans crowd the TarPit to cheer them on! 

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