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Weathering the Sunshine State: Olin Library to be waterproofed 

With spring showers upon us, the need to ensure that all buildings on campus are waterproof becomes more apparent. As discussed in a recent Board of Trustees meeting, the external “envelope” of Olin Library is showing signs of deterioration and is in need of refurbishment. One of the highlights of Rollins College, Olin Library has undergone cyclical maintenance since its grand opening in 1985 under the Seymour administration.  

Home to the school’s Archives and Special Collections, the Office of Accessibility, the Tutoring and Writing Center, and countless volumes regularly utilized by students, Olin’s preservation is understandably a high priority.  

Rollins College has an extensive history of libraries culminating in the construction of Olin. From White’s Hall in 1885 and Pinehurst Cottage the following year to Carnegie Hall in 1909 and Mills Memorial Library from 1951 up until 1985, providing students with a database of reliable resources has been a hallmark of Rollins College since its founding.  

One of the many upcoming projects for campus improvement is the replacement and maintenance of the more worn-down components of the Olin Library building, which is set to begin this summer. Some of these components include the stucco, paint, below-grade waterproofing, roof tiles, and windows.  

As explained by Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services Jeremy Williamson, “the replacement of these items will provide increased resistance during heavier storm events such as hurricanes.” Once in motion, Williamson reported that the renovations should take about six months to complete.  

These refurbishments will help ensure that Olin Library can weather all of the storms the ‘Sunshine State’ sends its way. 

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