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Rollins welcomes over 500 freshmen to campus

Graphic by Francisco Wang You

Amidst a global pandemic, Rollins did not struggle with convincing potential Tars to apply to the college. 

Rollins received 8,400 applications for Fall 2021, a 35 percent increase from Fall 2020, and admitted 540 of those applicants. Those 540 incoming students include a world champion wakeboarder, a professional opera singer, and a competitive Lego builder.

Similarly, nationwide applications from the Class of 2025 increased drastically as a whole due to the pandemic. 

This is not because more students than usual chose to apply to college; rather, according to, students who were already applying applied to more colleges than usual.

Rollins freshmen followed nationwide trends by taking advantage of the test-optional application choice more than ever. 

Of students who applied to college nationwide for Fall 2021 through Common App, 44 percent submitted SAT or ACT scores, a 33 percent decrease from Fall 2020 applicants. 

A total of 46 percent of the Rollins Class of 2025 applied via the test-optional choice, 2 percent more than the national average.

The nationwide Class of 2025 increased in diversity from the class of 2024, with campuses averaging 14.1 percent Black, 19.5 percent Hispanic, 7 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 0.7 percent American Indian, and 2.7 percent multi-racial.

The Rollins Class of 2025 falls far below the national average for racial diversity stated above, with 4 percent identifying as Black, 16 percent Hispanic, and 4 percent multi-racial.

Data about grants, scholarships, and financial aid for the Rollins Class of 2025 has yet to be released. However, tuition and other expenses have increased from 2020-21 by almost $3,000 for the 2021-22 school year.

The top majors for the Rollins Class of 2025 are psychology, computer science, biology, international business, marine biology, political science, theatre, and business management. 

However, these are very likely to change because at least 80 percent of college students change their major at least once.

While these are the current statistics for the Class of 2025, its makeup will shift over time as students leave and join the campus community. 

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