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SGRho Steps Its Way to Unity

The members of Sigma Gamma Rho (SGRho) showed their true colors during their step show Wednesday, Nov. 10. “I bleed blue and gold!” proclaimed the sisters. This show was different than many of their other shows because it was held in Bush Auditorium and they gave a special preview before the show.

This show was also unique because SGRho had guest steppers perform with them. The announcer for the show (which was set up as a spoof of “Wild ‘n Out”) as well as a few of the steppers were sisters from the University of Central Florida (UCF). The step show played out as a step-off, with the Rollins SGRho’s competing against the UCF SGRho’s.

After a few step routines, the announcer decided that instead of competing the sisters should do a “unity step” and all work together. This was an exciting routine, as all the sisters were blindfolded. The sight-impaired sisters then used canes to beat the floor and swing them over one another’s heads. There was obviously a lot of skill and practice involved in the daring routine.

The SGRho sisters had visible support at the step show. Brothers from Alpha Phi Alpha at UCF came to watch and there was also a large Rollins fraternity and sorority presence. The announcer called out names of organizations and their members cheered, giving SGRho support and feeding the excitement. Staff members from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL) and the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) who were present showed that the Rollins staff cares about supporting students.

After the show, many SGRho’s did fun choreographed dances to the music around the auditorium. Some audience members stayed late to watch the dances, talk to the sisters, and dance a little themselves. It was an exciting event with both new and familiar aspects, bringing guests to campus to step and to help celebrate SGRho’s Founder’s Week. Be on the lookout for the next show in the spring semester.

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