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Sexperts Intro

“Porn stars, Preggos, and Prudes,” one of the more risqué courses offered at Rollins, served as the founding inspiration for this column. Biweekly, we will tackle scandalous issues, deliver relationship advice, and spice up the ‘Spur.

From threesomes to long-distance relationships, the Sexperts will gather information from across the campus and within our own lives in order to answer those questions that even the nicest girls need to ask. Every day, we are bombarded with messages about sexuality. It is the Sexperts’ mission to unravel and expose sex for what it really is.

Each issue, one of the three of us will offer advice and opinions on a different topic. Of course, each of us has our own biases concerning sex and relationships, and these partialities will surely surface within our writing. Enjoy!”

—David Matteson, Steven Penaranda, & Jamie Pizzi

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