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Who’s WHO in the Rollins Community?

Imagine being able to take an inside look at the lives of your favorite professors, learning everything from what they really think of Rollins to their favorite places to eat around Winter Park. That is exactly what is happening every Thursday at 4 p.m. on Who’s WHO, one of the newest shows on Rollins’ radio station, 91.5 WPRK.

Holt students Anthony Porro, Gill Pichardo and Jeff Boswell host the show, which Porro conceived soon after becoming business director of WPRK. “We have a community that includes exceptional individuals, which is where the title of the show was developed — the Who’s WHO. The show fills a much-needed spot in an effort to improve programming at the station,” says Porro.

The show has a great concept: listeners can learn more about the inner workings of Rollins and get to know their favorite professors and staff on a more personal level. The hour-long show usually includes asking the featured guest a question from the “Who’s Bank of Questions,” which is a question that “showcases the guest’s individuality.”

“The Who’s WHO wants to fi nd out more about who is in our community, and about these people’s lives that helped to develop this inclusiveness which we are calling the ‘Rollins Nation,’” explains Porro. He clarifi es that the “Rollins Nation” that he and his co-hosts refer to on the show includes “every alumni, student, faculty, staff and relative of Rollins, as well as people who have loved Rollins over the past 125 years.”

Who’s WHO is just one of the ways WPRK tries to remain relevant to Rollins. “WPRK has played a vital role in serving the Winter Park community for decades. The entire director staff has agreed that it’s time to incorporate more Rollins subject matter into our programming. Who’s WHO is just the start. We’ve already added six new student DJ’s to the station this semester and are currently accepting more student applications,” comments Programming Director and Holt student Casey Korge. If you are interested in becoming a DJ yourself, come down to the station (in the basement of Mills) and fill out an application.

As for the future of Who’s WHO, Porro calls the response so far “overwhelming.”

Porro says he has assembled some talented people to join the “Who’s Team,” but is remaining quiet on the details. So far, Associate Professors Sue Easton and Benjamin Balak, chairs of the Communications and Economics Departments respectively, have shared their stories on air. Future guests include Meredith Hein, assistant director of the Office of Community Engagement; Holt student Carmen Rasnick; Rick Bommelje, assistant professor of Communication; and Dr. Laurie Joyner, dean of Rollins College.

Porro stresses that they want to bring on guests other than faculty members to share their opinions and contributions to the Rollins community. “Our invitation is extended to all members of the Rollins Nation to move forward and share their story with us on the show live. The Who’s WHO team believes that anyone part of the Rollins Nation will have something of interest to bring to the table and for that we encourage those to accept our invitation.” To request to be on the show or to recommend a friend, please email the Who’s WHO Team at

Porro and his co-hosts have a refreshingly optimistic and enthusiastic take on Rollins that creates a comfortable vibe on the show. Porro says, “The show is the perfect medium for our community … I want the Who’s WHO program to be fun, insightful, a quick view on current events, but most of all, I want everyone to feel great about the school we love.”

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