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Winter Park shows puppy love at canine festival


The Doggie Art Festival was held at North Central Park down Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida on Sunday April 3. Sunday afternoon was a day for dogs to enjoy the company of avid dog lovers and animal enthusiasts, and a day to find a forever home for some pups up for adoption.

The Animal Emergency Center and sponsors Doggie Door and The New Barker featured many pet artists, vendors, and adoption organizations in order to broadcast the services they provide for animals. Each organization had donation options available such as a pug kissing booth to help fund a shelter, family portraits with visitors’ pups to help with adoptions, and a booth to help promote the Harbor House of Central Florida.

Other booths provided art of a different kind of dogs for animal lovers to purchase within the price range of $10 to $900.

The festival was centered around the love and care of dogs, and many people that I spoke with were mainly interested in giving back to their pets. There were hundreds of people who participated by donating to some of the causes while many others enjoyed the day by allowing their canines to socialize with others. The Doggie Art Festival allowed all dog lovers to come together and celebrate the love and loyalty offered by these pups. Any day we are able to return the love dogs provide us is a beautiful day.

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