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Amman, Jordan
Jordanian King Abdullah II has vowed revenge and a total shutdown of extremist group ISIS after they released a video depicting the death of a Jordanian citizen. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a pilot in the Jordanian Air Force, was captured after his plane was shot down near Raqqa, Syria, on a mission against ISIS in December. The video showed al-Kasasbeh standing inside a cage consumed by fire, apparently burning to death. The video was posted on a Twitter account known to be used for the extremist group’s propaganda. The Jordanian government responded by sending F-16s to conduct air strikes on ISIS controlled territories in the following days.
Taipei, Taiwan
The horror of yet another plane crash was captured on film last week as TransAsia flight 235 crashed into the Keeluhng River in Taipei with 58 passengers and crew onboard. The turboprop allegedly lost power in both engines before crashing into the river and hitting a bridge on the way down. A total of 15 passengers survived and, while most of the victims have been recovered, a few still remain missing. The airline is now paying for family members of victims to fly into Taipei and has promised reimbursement for any booked tickets on the airline until Feb. 13.
Munich, Germany
In her speech recently at the Munich Security Conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel argued that the crisis in Ukraine should not be solved by military means but by the continuation of the current diplomatic mission and the implementation of peace agreements. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused by many, the United States government including, of agreeing to peace talks and simultaneously sending tanks into the Ukrainian countryside. The US government has proposed arming the Ukrainians, an idea that NATO’s top military commander General Breedlove of the US Air Force has showed definitive support for.
Ottawa, Canada
Canada’s highest court has ruled that its citizens have the right to assisted suicide. Striking down a ban on physician assisted suicide, the country joins a handful of others—including Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands to name a few. Certain rules and regulations apply, however. Those seeking to end their life must be adults, competent to understand and make the decision, subjected to “a grievous and irremediable medical condition . . . that causes endurable suffering that is intolerable,” and cannot compel any physician to aid them in suicide should they not wish it. The ruling will take effect in 12 months.

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