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Ariana Grande’s diva side exposed

tinsel talkIn recent appearances, fan favorite Ariana Grande has shown she is everything but sweet.

Ariana Grande seems like a Sour Patch Kid in reverse: first she’s sweet, then she’s sour. When this Mariah Carey Jr. broke onto the scene with her hit song “The Way,” featuring irrelevant white rapper Mac Miller, people were convinced of the second coming of Mariah (well, minus the actual Mariah part—the head diva herself must have been too busy having children or riding a behemoth butterfly). Unlike the diva-ness of Miss Carey, Grande seemed so much more accessible, so much sweeter! She has that one dimple on her left cheek, resembling a spunky anime character, and is dressed like some 1960s teenager at a malt shop—not to mention that she had the Nickelodeon label tattooed to her image, which guaranteed extra “cutesie.” Unfortunately, this expectation was challenged once rumors began to swirl about the “Problem” singer’s diva antics. This week in particular probably has her publicist polishing off pack after pack of cigarettes as stories pertaining to the dark side of Grande broke constantly.

I will list these rumors for the reader’s convenience (not in chronological order):

1. In order to showcase her lone dimple, Grande insists on only being photographed from the left side of her face.

2. During interviews and appearances, Grande has a strict and specific list of demands.

3. She has walked out of photo shoots.

4.  She treats her fans poorly.

6. She once ventured down to Whoville and stole Christmas (I kid).

Alright, so which of these accounts are backed by fact and which are just rumors? To begin, any celebrity might appear “rude” just because they are having an off day; however, these various sources seem to paint one pretty similar picture. The dimple mandate is, indeed, true: E! News Host Giuliana Rancic has explained the scenario on air. “I think [Ariana] does have a little bit of a diva thing going on,” Rancic admits. “…Because I remember, I think it was at the [American Music Awards], she came up on the platform, and normally I stand on this side [her left side] to the camera. I had to fight 13 years to get this side to the camera, it’s my good side, but I fought 13 years for this, okay? Little Ariana comes over, I feel like BING, elbow in my side, I’m like ‘what’s going on?’ and they push me to the other side.” Allegedly, Grande is so picky about being snapped from the left that she resorts to dramatics to ensure it. “She demanded to be shot only on her left side and told the lighting crew that if they used red light, she would ‘kill herself,’” an unnamed source told Star magazine.

In regards to the second rumor, Ariana, the one and only, has debunked it: “It was just a photographer or something who got mad at me because I left to change my outfit mid-photo shoot because I didn’t like my top… I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll be right back!’ and then I came back and he had left. I was like, ‘Oh, sh—… Then he came out and said all these ridiculous, untrue things about me. I was like, ‘That’s not real. That’s nonsense!’” Alright, that is right from the diva—I mean horse’s mouth. But what about being rude to fans and staff? The main instance that ignited gossip sites this week was Grande wishing her fans would drop dead. “She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator,” a stunned industry insider tells us. “And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f—king die,” says the New York Daily News. Yikes. Well, if there is one thing about diva behavior, it is this: it allows you to float on top for a moment, but sooner or later, people get sick of it. For example, some critics cite Christina Aguilera’s attitude as a cause of her career’s slippage. I cannot say that any of these allegations are rooted in fact. What I can proclaim, however, is this: “Bang Bang” is an absolutely terrible song.

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