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V-Week Inspires Campus

April 12, 2012

The concept of women and their rights has always been subject to much discussion.  The topic is still prevalent due to the established culture of victim-blaming and legislative efforts that would make certain aspects of being a free and healthy woman difficult, if not altogether impossible. It is crucial, then, that when Voices for Women […]

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April 1, 2012

As the afternoon sun blazed in the sky, the crowd gathered on Olin Lawn buzzed with excitement at the sight of the mountains of brightly colored powder. At noon on Saturday, March 17, as the first handful of vivid green powder was thrown into someone’s face, the campus opened its annual celebration of the Indian […]

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Echo-Hawk Inspires through Artwork

March 5, 2012

Not all live performance art consists of “someone in tights throwing flower petals around.” Native American artist and activist Bunky Echo-Hawk proved this during his visit to Rollins. While here, he was sure to debunk many of the stereotypes surrounding activism, being a starving artist, and the idea that Native Americans are a people of […]

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Keeping the Faiths: A Look at the Interfaith LLC

March 2, 2012

There is much to be said for those who actively seek out different ideologies and make it their goal to discover, discuss and comprehend those beliefs. It is this goal that the members of the Interfaith Living Learning Community (LLC) attempt to incorporate into their lives. At the interest session held on Wednesday, Feb. 9, […]

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