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First-Year Home Run

Name: Zack Persky

Class: 2014

From: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: Undecided

Sport: Baseball

Position: Outfield

The Sandspur: What made you play for Rollins College?

Zack Persky: I came to Rollins and then I tried out for the team and made it. I had played in high school and I figured that I should try out for the team.

TS: What residence hall do you live in here at Rollins College?

ZP: I live in Ward Hall up on the 4th floor. It’s really great up there and Ward is where everyone from our class is at.

TS: What RCC are you in?

ZP: Reading Sherlock Holmes, one of the 3/2 RCC classes. I really enjoy the class and the people in it.

TS: Who would you say is your professional role model?

ZP: Grady Sizemore is my favorite player. He’s been my personal inspiration for a while now.

TS: How often do you practice during the week for baseball?

ZP: All of us have conditioning with the trainer at least three days a week. We then have practices that are organized by position two days a week. In addition to that, we will go to field on our own almost every day.

TS: How do you deal with practice and school?

ZP: Lots of late nights. Most nights I will stay up a little late to finish any homework that I didn’t complete. I can stay up a little longer on the days where I won’t have practice the next day, but if I have practice I will make sure to get enough rest for the next day.

TS: How is it being a firstyear on the team?

ZP: The older guys on the team make the transition to college life a lot easier. All of them are great guys and they make my life a little easier than it might have been if I didn’t join the team.

TS: How was your high school experience?

ZP: I went to an all-guys private high school. While I was there I played basketball and baseball.

TS: What are your favorite things about Rollins College?

ZP: Now that I’m at Rollins I love my peer mentors, Brian Hatch and Jenn Stull.

TS: What was your best time at Rollins?

ZP: The most fun that I’ve had at Rollins so far would have to be going out or hanging out by the pool or just chilling with friends. Everyone here is really nice and I’m having a great time.

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