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Minor Changes

In a meeting on Jan. 18, the Academic Affairs Committee discussed changes in the communication minor. The Committee proposed that the course COM 425 Communication Theory and Research replace Communication Theory. The 425 class would become a core requirement as well as the fi nal course to complete the minor.

According to Rick Bommelje, department chair of the Department of Communication, this course will also be added to the Hamilton Holt organizational communication program. The committee realized that the minor had no research aspect and that by adding this course, there would be a new level of rigor in the minor.

So how do the communication minors feel about these changes? Grace Wood ’13 only has one course left before she completes her minor, and she has no problem with her final course including a research aspect. “I don’t think I would mind having to take the new commtheory and research class. I am in researching media and culture right now and find the research aspect very interesting.”

Megan Bailly ’11 has already completed the communication theory course. “It was one of my favorite classes at Rollins and I don’t think they need to add a research portion to it, but I also can’t imagine that it will drastically change the minor.”

The thought of adding a major came up in the meeting, but the idea was vetoed. It was decided that the only way a major could be added would be if there were strong institutional support for it.

Once the new course approval sub-committee signs off on the course, the changes in the minor will be put into effect. In addition to the COM 425 course, they will also add COM 305 Listening as an elective.

Maybe the addition of more course work will be a communication major, but for the time being, we will have to sett le for the minor.

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