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Tars Slam Royals

Tuesday’s match up against Warner is the first in eight years since Rollins and Warner last faced off. The Rollins Tars started off their first game with a quick lead over Warner University.

Before this week the Tars were in sixth in the Sunshine State Conference the girls’ teamwork and spirit never faltered as they constantly worked together. Rollins dominated the first game with a 25-to-13 lead.

The other team’s spirits were visibly lower than that of the Tars. During every volley, the Tars had a plan and were organized. The Royals appeared to have discord among their players and did not have the cohesion of the Tars. The rhythm of the team never let up and they preformed admirably for the entire game.

The Tars won the first two games by more than five points. As the third game started the Royals scored three straight points only to have the streak broken by Sarah Mendoza ‘11, who lead the Tars to a turnaround, which brought the two teams neck and neck. Eventually the Tars passed the Royals and pulled ahead for the win.

Standout players of the night were Mendoza and Megan Hodges ‘14. Mendoza covered the left side with expertise and was easily the best offensive player in the game with a myriad of powerful hits.

Hodges was easily the most spirited team member, encouraging her teammates after every play. Mendoza and Hodges were an integral part of the back-to-back wins this past weekend as well. Combined, the two tallied 75 kills, 63 kills and 5 blocks.

The Tars swept the match taking all three games against Warner. The Tars hit the court in Savannah, Ga., today and tomorrow, competing in the Armstrong Atlantic State University/ Chatham Orthopedics Pirate Volleyball Classic.

The Tars face a four-match slate with Armstrong Atlantic, Flagler, Alabama-Huntsville and North Alabama.

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