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Understanding CAPS

With the semester starting to go well underway, feel like pulling out your hair? No worries! CAPS a.k.a. Counseling and Psychological services is there to help you.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t even know what CAPS means, when such a great resource is right under their nose. Located outside of Elizabeth Hall and open Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00 pm, their doors are open for students and parents/family members alike.

Scheduling an appointment is easy; there is usually always someone available, and kind to boot. If for some reason, you need to contact CAPS after the assigned hours, Campus Safety can put you in contact with after-hours counselors. Equipped with great staff, the counselors there live to help you. They, of course, follow the profession’s ethical guidelines on confidentiality.

CAPS deals with any type of issue, like stress, anxiety, body image, depression, sexual abuse, relationship issues, alcohol/drug use, adjustment, you name it. CAPS doesn’t necessarily deal with serious mental/health issues, but they can help with things like academic stress; so much so that in fact, advisors themselves can recommend you to a counselor, just to help you. CAPS is also a clinical training site for practicum and internship students enrolled in a Graduate Counseling Program.

CAPS offers the following additional various services: Group Counseling, Outreach Programs, Health Promotions Outreach, “Condom Bingo” and “Sex and Chocolate.” So the next time you feel like life is getting too rough to handle, you know you’re not alone. CAPS is available to you!

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