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A look at the 65th Grammy Awards

The 65th Grammy Awards occurred on Sunday, Feb. 5, recognizing the best music to come out during the Oct. 1, 2021 – Sept. 30, 2022 period. 

The award for Album of the Year went to “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles. All 13 songs from the album were charted upon the week of the album’s debut. 

“The highlight of the night for me was seeing Taylor Swift stand up in support when Harry Styles received the award for Album of the Year,” said Arabella Lilleslatten (‘25). “She knows what it’s like to be disrespected on a stage—coincidentally winning over Beyoncé when she was 19. Harry said it like it is: ‘There is no such thing as a best in music;’ still, he deserved this win.”

In his acceptance speech, Styles said: “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often.” While Styles has yet to elaborate on what he meant by this, many fans were upset by his insensitivity. 

“In the context of the other nominations, being the only white man among Beyoncé, Bad Bunny, and Lizzo, it was like ‘okay bestie, read the room,’” said Rylee Moxham (‘24). “It came off as a little bit insensitive, but coming from a working-class family in England—which is something he has alluded to in the past—I get what he meant.” 

Styles beat out Beyoncé, who earlier broke the record for the most-awarded artist in Grammy history. In her speech for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album, she thanked her Uncle Johnny, as well as the queer community, “for inventing the genre.” 

“This year was the best Grammys I’ve seen in a long time. It felt very focused on black history, black joy, and black empowerment,” said Arielle Etienne (‘23). “From Lizzo and Mary J. Blige taking us to church, from Samara Joy winning Best New Artist to Beyoncé becoming the most awarded artist of all time, and the spectacular 50 years of hip hop performance—I felt very seen by this year’s Grammys. But in all honesty, Beyoncé should have won Album of the Year.”

The award for Record of the Year went to Lizzo for her song “About Damn Time.” And the award for Best New Artist, presented by last year’s winner Olivia Rodrigo, went to jazz singer Samara Joy.

“For me, the highlight was Megan Fox,” said Shannon Caicedo (‘24). “I love her. She is too much of a slay for Machine Gun Kelly.” Machine Gun Kelly is Fox’s boyfriend, who accompanied her to the ceremony. Kelly’s album “Mainstream Sellout,” was nominated for Best Rock Album, and did not win despite being the number one rock album of 2022. 

Bad Bunny’s album “Un Verano Sin Ti” won the award for Best Musica Urbana Album. The Album of the Year nominee opened the ceremony with a mashup of hits that made even Taylor Swift stand up to dance. 

The award for Song of the Year went to Bonnie Rait’s “Just Like That.” Rait is the only writer credited on the song, which won against Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version).” 

The award for Best Duo or Group Collaboration went to Kim Petras and Sam Smith for their song, “Unholy.” In an emotional speech, which received a standing ovation, Petras said: “Sam graciously wanted me to accept this award because I’m the first transgender woman to win this.”

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