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Alumni Panels Provide Advice to Current Students: Media panel serves as communication medium for students to gain real world experience

For the Media and the Arts panel of Distinguished Alumni, Rollins had the pleasure of bringing back three successful graduates of the theater and arts departments.

Janis Hirsch ‘72 graduated with a major in theater and went on to become the executive producer of Will and Grace. She has since written for various television shows including Frasier, The Nanny and My Wife and Kids. She stressed the importance of networking and surrounding oneself with intelligent and interesting people. “Bring whatever you can to the world,” she said, in reference to the struggle writers have with their personal goals and the pressure to remain commercial.

Beth Lincks ’75 was also a theater major who, as a firstyear at Rollins, starred in a production Hirsch managed. She has since become an acclaimed playwright whose play, Lett ers to Sala, will appear at the Annie Russell Theatre this coming February. However, she calls herself an “accidental writer” who did not start writing plays until much later in her career. She has also worked on wardrobes for various Broadway plays and Saturday Night Live. She appeared very down-to-earth and kind, and advised audience members to “be nice to everybody” they meet, because you never know where that person might end up.

Matt Rothschild Dicker ’04 was an art history major at Rollins, but he originally majored in computer science. After graduation, he became a high school teacher but quit and became a writer. He published a critically celebrated memoir, Dumbfounded, and is working on a new book. He calls where he is now “unexpected” and notes how unhealthy it is to make deadlines and put pressure on yourself.

All three alumni expressed the importance Rollins had on their future, on in their careers, and also in their everyday lives.

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