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An Interview with Tommy Tar

Occupation: Mascot

Favorite Colors: Blue and Gold

People Who Inspire You the Most: Popeye and the Pillsbury Doughboy

Where are you from?
I was born, raised, and have lived my entire life in Winter Park, Fl.

How long have you been a mascot?
Although Rollins has been represented by the Tars for years, I have only been around for about six years, since 2005. Before me, the Rollins community seemed to believe that a live donkey could somehow represent a Tar. I have gone through quite a few makeovers over the years, but I am pretty comfortable with where I am today.

How did you find Rollins?

In 1917, Lake Virginia served as a Naval training center for sailors before World War I. During the war, only 10 male students were left on campus. The females, however, found me and my cohorts quite attractive and called us the “Tars.” Since the pretty ladies never left, I decided to hang around as well.

What is your favorite part about working here?
*Cough.* The loving attention I get from the Rollins community and that I must destroy my archenemy: The Fox. I have even heard rumors of people wanting to make a new mascot – the Rollins Foxes. First of all, that has no ring to it. Second, The Fox only gets one day of the year. EVERY DAY IS TOMMY DAY.

What are some of your other hobbies?
I love swimming, sailing, cheering, tumbling, rock-climbing, attending Rollins events, being a general nuisance to hard-working students, annoying a certain fox and dancing all the time.

What is something surprising about you? I have competed in the Mascot Games since the summer of 2009. The proceeds from the event benefited New Hope for Kids. I competed against 30 other mascots from across the country. Want to watch me show some Tar spirit? Check out my work at mascot-games/.

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