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App Makes Campus Safety Virtual

issue 16 cover imageRollins has introduced a new mobile app called Rave Guardian to promote personal safety.

“It acts as the new ‘Blue Light’ emergency phone stations placed around campus; however, they are now more accessible and effective than ever, being located right in the hands of the Rollins community,” said Phillip Denizard ‘16, the SGA member overseeing the rollout of Rave Guardian.
Though the app will be a new form of security, the familiar blue lights will remain on campus accessible to everyone. One downloaded on the device, the apps name will change from Rave Guardian to Rollins Guardian.
After downloading the app students create a “Safety Profile.” It is important that students register for the app using their Rollins email addresses so that the app is properly linked with Rollins’ Campus Safety.
The app has several features that can be utilized by Rollins students. The “send a tip” option allows students to give tips to Campus Safety, either by text or picture. Students can also call Campus Safety or 9-1-1 through the app. There is also a “safety timer” feature. Students can invite other users to be their “guardian” through the app.
The safety timer allows students to set an approximate time of their arrival somewhere, and select a guardian. Once they reach their destination, the student can de-activate the timer. If they do not deactivate it, their selected guardian will receive a notification along with the student’s location. Guardians can be friends or family invited through the app, or Campus Safety.
“The goal of using the app in our program wasn’t to make Campus Safety’s job easier. The sole purpose was to provide another tool to our community to increase their safety and to facilitate communications with our department.” Said Kenneth Miller, Director of Campus Safety.
The app is primarily for safety related issues, and any requests for escorts or non-safety related issues should still be addressed by calling the Campus Safety office.
There are other campuses that use the Rave Guardian App. Some of these are The College of William and Mary, American University, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
The app will be free to Rollins students; the cost of the app was incorporated into Campus Safety’s budget.
Students have been able to use the app since Monday, February 9th, when SGA held a media launch, and is available for download on iOS and Andriod.

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