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Become immersed in spring Immersions

Graphic by Francisco Wang

As the final quarter of the year commences, The Center for Leadership and Community Engagement has one final Immersion experience open for application. The Immersion experience will examine leadership and community in the state of Colorado.

“Overall, the Immersion’s general mission is to expose students to learning about a social issue through service and education,” said Victoria Teske, Associate Director of Leadership and Community Engagement. “This is an opportunity to apply what you’re passionate about and what you’re learning in the classroom to be able to walk away from this experience critically thinking about what’s your next plan of action with your newfound experience.”

There are multiple reasons why students choose to take part in Immersions. For one, the weekend Immersions do not have any cost. In addition, there is no limit to the number of Immersions students can apply for, and students have the opportunity to plan their own Immersion.

Each semester, there are generally between six and eight Immersion opportunities. Previous experiences this semester have included spring break trips to Austin and Washington D.C. Each experience is planned far in advance.

“The facilitators get together at least three months before an experience and begin planning,” said Teske. “They touch up on every detail such as, which community partners they will work with, what cultural activities, scheduling and creating an itinerary, booking housing, thinking about food options, planning pre-trip meetings and reflections.”

With the semester coming to a close, there is one last Immersion opportunity that students can apply for. This experience is an annual week-long Immersion in Colorado during Maymester, from May 16 – 22. According to Teske, “It’s an Immersion that focuses on many different social issues, so it allows participants to get a feel for a holistic scope of what nonprofits are doing to tackle the 1st two UNSDG’s, No Poverty and Zero Hunger.” 

The Immersion will have a program fee of $350 which includes participants airfare, transportation, food, housing, experiences, and supplies. Scholarships are also available for those with financial need. The deadline to apply is Sunday March 26 at midnight, and decisions regarding acceptances to the Immersion will be completed by March 28.

Though this will be the last Immersion of the spring, there are new opportunities every semester.

“Everyone at Rollins should attend an Immersion,” said Teske. “It’s a really great way to meet new people and do something that might be outside of your comfort zone!”

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