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Beyond Timely Notifications: A Look at Fire and Crime Statistics

On Sept. 8, 2022, Rollins Violence Prevention and the Office of Title IX hosted a community conversation aimed at educating students about sexual assault. 

The event was held in light of the multiple timely notifications of non-consensual sexual contact that have occurred in the past month. The goal of the meeting was “to share thoughts and feelings about these messages, discuss campus culture, and receive additional resources and support,” said Title IX in a written statement.

Timely notifications are published by the Office of Campus Safety to inform students about incidents of crime and fire, as per the Jeanne Clery Act. Passed in 1990, this federal regulation requires all colleges to provide detailed reports of their crime and fire data to the public.

Since August, Rollins’ Campus Safety has reported 20 incidents on their Crime and Fire Log, a database that updates after each report is taken. In addition to these logs, the college publishes an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report that shows crime and fire statistics from the previous three years. These findings are published before Oct. 1 of each year.

According to the data presented in the 2021-2022 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, the number of rape reports has decreased over the past three years, going from 14 in 2019, to six in 2020, and six again in 2021. As of January 2022, there has been one report. 

Cases of sexual assault or fondling increased sligtly after declining from eight to one between 2020 and 2021. There have been three incidents thus far in 2022, prompting outreach from Violence Prevention and Title IX.

The report also informs students about drug and alcohol policies. Disciplinary referrals for drug use have increased this past year after decreasing in 2021. Since the beginning of the year, there have been 13 drug referrals, as opposed to six in 2021. In 2020 and 2019, the numbers were 27 and 72 respectively. 

As Rollins welcomes the largest incoming freshman class in school history, staying safe on and around campus is paramount. If you need to report an incident, please contact the Office of Campus Safety at 407-646-2999 or by e-mail at The Office of Title IX can also assist survivors of sexual assault and harrassment. 

If you are in an emergency, always call 911 immediately.

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