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Bracketmania: The Journey Continues

The first two rounds proved to be disastrous for my bracket, so I was hopeful that my “doover” picks for The Sandspur would be accurate. Let’s start in the Southeast bracket, where Butler faced off against Wisconsin and BYU played Florida. In the first game I picked BYU to win against Florida; I mean, could you blame me?

The game was close throughout and when it came down to crunch time I thought (key word) that I could count on Jimmer coming through in the clutch. Jimmer let me down, and there went one of my Final Four picks. However, I was pleasantly surprised that one of my upset picks, Butler, destroyed Wisconsin. With no stake in the Elite Eight, I was rooting for the upset. I would rather see Butler aka the destroyer of all brackets get to the Final Four again than the Gators and have to listen to all the Gator fans on campus praise Donovan and Chandler Parsons. Thankfully, they fell to underdog Butler, and one-fourth of the Final Four was set.

In the western region everything went perfectly. UCONN’s do-it-all point guard Kemba Walker notched a ridiculous 36 points and the Huskies were able to outlast the Aztecs of San Diego State. The Duke vs. Arizona matchup was one that I wanted to see mainly because this was my biggest upset pick and I hate Duke; so I ended up running around my friends’ apartment in spiteful delight. In the Elite Eight, Kemba Walker again tore it up for the Huskies and they were able to obtain a spot in the Final Four, securing perfection in the region for me.

The eastern region, I honestly thought I had wrapped up. I knew the Buckeyes were overrated and the Wildcats were going to win somehow, and the Tar Heels, of course, destroyed Marquette. I was ultimately wrong about UNC though, as Kentucky jumped out to an early lead, combined it with clutch three-point shooting and timely defense, and the Wildcats punched their ticket to the Final Four.

In the southwestern region, again, I thought I had it all figured out. First of all, Kansas was the team that I picked to go all the way this year (note the use of past tense). Therefore, it was no surprise that they smoked Richmond by 20 points. But as usual, March Madness never ceases to surprise me as after VCU edged out Florida State in overtime, the Rams ate their Wheaties or drank their invisible juice and defeated the Jayhawks.

Kentucky in the Final Four? I can see that. UCONN in the Final Four? I predicted that (What Up). VCU and Butler in the Final Four? What? Their matchup will be the lowest combined seeding ever (19) and the most since Florida played George Mason (14) in 2006. Madness indeed.

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