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Campus Organization Spotlight: Rollinclusion

Rollinclusion is a newly formed organization on campus which aims to help those with disabilities. In establishing the club, co-presidents Janie Inscore (‘25) and Seth Juncewski (‘24) set out to continue a mission of advocacy. 

“We’re advocates for them, and we’re allies,” said Juncewski. As part of their club’s activities, they have visited The Arbor School of Central Florida (a school for special needs children with diagnoses), building them a garden and hanging out with the students there. This year, they plan on organizing a puppet show for Disability Empowerment Week to offer students outlets to express themselves.

Rollinclusion’s organization goal is to be peer advocates for the disabled community; it was established to give those with disabilities a safe space where they could talk and find community, while offering Rollins students an opportunity to help out within the community. 

Originally, the club was founded by Alexis Mendez (‘22) and Amy Mortenson (‘22) as Best Buddies, but it was the efforts of Inscore which set things into motion for Rollinclusion, allowing them to be rebranded as an official campus organization in Fall of 2022. 

“To me, [Rollinclusion] is a place where students at Rollins can come and help out this population of people with disabilities in a way that they didn’t know how to, and in a place where they don’t have a lot of knowledge about people with disabilities, and the things they can do to help out” said Juncewski. “They can come here and be productive members and again help in the community.” 

Juncewski, who was an active participant in unified sports and the special olympics in high school, was searching for a way to become more involved at Rollins. He joined Rollinclusion through the club’s GroupMe after they sent out an email, and he decided to jump right in when they were planning to go to Arbor school. 

“I brought [my roommate] to The Arbor School last year. She went there, helped out, and was like ‘oh my god, I want to do that again.’ And it brought joy to her to help people, and just be there for a population that a lot of times doesn’t have a lot of peers or just a lot of friends,” said Juncewski. “I think it’s really important that we’re able to provide friendship and just be a positive group on campus for everybody.”

Rollinclusion will be hosting meetings throughout the semester. Interested students may learn more information from their Instagram account, @Rollinclusion.

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