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The case for Clinton


When November 8th comes, there is only one choice that leads to the United States moving forward and not backward. There is only one choice that is experienced enough to carry the mantle of commander in chief. There is only one choice that will not tarnish this country’s history.

Donald Trump has proven countless times why he should not be the choice of the American electorate on November 8. From the very beginning, Trump built his campaign upon themes of racism and xenophobia, setting aside sound science, practical domestic and foreign relations, and basic human decency. He has managed to insult citizens from nearly every demographic group. From Latinos to women to African-Americans to Muslims, there seems to be no end in sight. He has joked about sexual assault, has called for women to be punished for having abortions, suggested he could date his daughter, and has insulted veterans by claiming John McCain is not a war hero because “he was captured.” His ideas for “Making America Great Again” lack basic economic consideration, factual insight, and concrete policy proposals. He has promised to jail his opponent if elected; as a Venezuelan, I understand how dangerous a threat of total power can be. His explosive temperament, deluded logic, and history of demeaning and allegedly assaulting women has shown that he does not truly represent the values the Republican Party is about.

The GOP’s promise of a smaller government and free market policies is worthy of consideration and debate, but the man they have nominated does not care about any of these things. No former President, Republican or Democrat, is willing to endorse him. The 2008 and 2012 Republican nominees stay as far away as possible. The current Republican Speaker of the House will not campaign for him. Hillary Clinton is the best answer to the problems posed by Donald Trump. Her record and experience are unmatched in presidential history. From First Lady of Arkansas to Secretary of State, she has participated in every level of government; Clinton is dedicated to this nation. She understands that America is already great and that opportunity is plentiful when the nation joins together in all of its diversity. Her steadfast commitment to fighting global warming, supporting LGBTQ rights, passing comprehensive immigration reform and sensible gun control legislation is what America’s future is about. She wants to be a President for all Americans and she has the experience to do so.

Although I think Hillary Clinton is the only choice worthy of supporting on Election Day, I am not blind to the issues that have plagued her campaign. The chief among them is her handling of emails while serving as Secretary of State. To be frank, her reasoning does not fully put the matter at rest for me. Politicians should be held to a higher standard, we should always aim for the highest level of accountability. If she were to take over the White House, the public should demand transparency before all else. However, although these are real issues, they are nothing compared to the threat Donald Trump poses for the future of the United States.

I believe there is legitimacy to the claim many Trump supporters have of a system that does not benefit them, the appearance of open borders and higher risk of terrorism. However, Donald Trump is not the answer to these problems. Donald Trump has absolutely no foreign policy experience; Hillary Clinton does. Donald Trump has no clue how to address global warming because he doesn’t believe it is real; Hillary Clinton has a voting record to prove it. Donald Trump thinks not paying taxes is smart; Hillary Clinton knows evading taxes is a crime. Hillary Clinton is ready to lead, and we are all excited to welcome her to the Oval Office.

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