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Center for Career and Life Planning unveils new services

image2_egyptfiguresThis semester the Center for Career and Life Planning has introduced new programs and initiatives to improve student career planning throughout their undergraduate years. The center overlooks career development, internships, and on-campus student employment for the Rollins community.

One of the biggest changes made is a new program called Handshake. The website is an updated, more interactive version of the Jobs for Tars site and serves as a hub for both students and recruiters.

“Handshake is meant to be a tool for students to access with ease. It’s much more socially interactive and can be used by both students and faculty,” said Anne Meehan, Director of Career Development. “Students are able to follow companies and their recruiters to receive updates on new jobs and internships. It’s like a hub for the students, from freshman to seniors.”

Handshake is meant to guide students through their college career by getting them more involved with their job and internship search. There are many resources that are available to assist in gaining new skills, such as the Interview Stream, where students can learn what to say or how to act during an interview.

Lisa Gilliean-Johnson, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Career & Life Planning, said that, “There is an informational video that has all the information on Handshake. This site is a lot more interactive and user friendly.”

There are other services on Handshake that allow for an easier approach to career planning. One is Focus 2, which gives students the opportunity to plan out their college career through self-assessment, career and major exploration, decision making, and future planning; it is part of the Four-Year Road Map process.

According to Gilliean-Johnson, “This Four-Year Road Map tool is broken down by years and gives students the opportunity to learn skills for the future such as what to say during an interview and how to write a resumé.”

Freshmen RCC classes are now required to complete Focus 2 and learn how to build a resumé and cover letter. The self-assessment and career planning activities are will help students select the right major and explore various career options.

“The faculty is offering great support to their students, encouraging them to use Focus 2, and keeping up with where they are and what they can do with their major,” said Meehan.

Handshake is also open to Rollins College alumni and gives them the same access to resources. Once students graduate from Rollins, they will still have opportunities to search for jobs and keep their resumé up to date.

Johnson said, “We want students to get into this space [Handshake], especially for grad school. We are trying to make Handshake the primary place to go to connect with us and other resources.”

Additionally, the CLP still offers a two-credit-hour course called “Making Any Major Marketable” that is dedicated to teaching students on how to build a resumé, interact in an interview, and find the right area of work regarding the major they are in. A Senior Boot Camp course was taught in which seniors were able to focus on benefits, salary, and other important life skills.

Meehan said, “We still want students to come to us for assistance, and so we changed some things like walk-in hours. We are still open for CLP walk-ins Mondays through Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., but are now going to be available for drop-ins in Bush Atrium on Tuesdays, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Our goal is to try to be in spaces where students can meet us easily and provide that one-on-one time with them.”

The Center for Career and Life Planning has many events coming up during fall and spring semester to further help undergraduates prepare for life after graduation and step into the professional world. These events are all located on the Handshake calendar which can allow students to RSVP to these events.

Fall 2015 CLP Upcoming Events:

Oct. 06: Handshake Overview and Q&A
Oct. 09: Resumé Critiquing Bar
Oct. 15: Personal Branding: Resumé and LinkedIn
Oct. 29: Internship Search & Credit Options
Nov. 05: Senior Next Steps: Job Search, Grad School, Gap Year Options

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